Fatherhood: Things to prepare for being a father first time

Having a baby is always special for both mother and father. But it is NOT just having a baby and having only the financial responsibility–it has lots more in it. This editorial will give 10 tips on being a father first time.

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Let’s Prepare for Being a Father

being a father

#1 Time and tolerance

The most important thing you can do is simply spend time with your newborn. Yes the bonding is most important and foremost thing while being a father. All fathers have to understand that it is NOT only mother’s responsibility to take care of babies.

#2 Eye contact

We have known for a long time that infants are drawn to the human face, but with computer-enhanced research we were able to realize what they look at: the eyes. So make sure you daddies, always have that love eye contact with your babies to have more connection with them.

#3 Repetitive sounds

Particularly something called the bilabials; Pa-pa, Ma-ma, Babe are the first and most common sounds infants can make. So if you really want to help your wife, and then make this sound with your brood that make him say papa or mummy.

#4 Infants are fans of motion

They love to be held, jostled, bounced and jiggled. These movements help infants develop everything from their brains to their sense of balance. So being a father it is your responsibility to play with your baby as much as you can.

#5 Change that diaper

Researchers early on found out that the fathers who helped diapering their baby had stronger, better, and more long-lasting marriages ;-). So guys if you really want to make your wife happy and want to score extra number, then go out and change the diaper.

#6 Be responsive

A reach, a look, a cry, anything your little one does to make a connection with you should be honoured. NEVER ignore your baby!

#7 Love, love, and then some more love

It is most important part of this editorial guys, love your baby as it don’t requires any money or language.


I hope all newbie fathers will find this editorial beneficial!!!





Post Author: Anagha