how to use ginger

How to use Ginger??? 10 excellent benefits of ginger!!!

According to Ayurvedic texts, ginger is a virtual medicine chest. It has immense uses and medicinal properties. Indians use it liberally in almost all kinds of dishes. So, today I have come up with following to get an idea of what this wonderful ingredient does and how to use ginger for health benefits. How to Use Ginger […]

food poisoning

How food poisoning occurs??? Causes and facts!

Food poisoning occurs when you ate impure or contaminated food that contains bacteria, parasites, toxins, viruses made by the germs. Most common bacteria of food poisoning are E.coli and norovirus. Food poisoning can affect one people or group of people who ate that same contaminated food. It is more commonly occur while you’re travelling to […]

how to make playdough

How to make Playdough??? No-bake Playdough recipe!

Creating art as a child has endless openings to grow kid’s imagination. Making colorful Playdough can be a fun learning activity for your kid. As kids will love to play and be creative with this no-bake Playdough. In this post, I will show you how to make Playdough without cooking that you can try with […]

natural foods

How natural foods protect your health from diseases

Natural foods are those foods which are minimally processed and are free of synthetic preservation, artificial color, and flavor.  Natural foods have always been known to have protected your health. So, Today I am here to suggest some ‘natural foods’ that can protect you from various kinds of diseases and help to stay healthy. Also […]

how to make chocolate art

How to make chocolate art at home???

If you love to eat chocolate and various things made by chocolate and if you are artist then here is the great news for you. The news is by combining above two things you can make some unique and antique art pieces which will call as ‘chocolate art’. Well, if you are wondering that how […]

how to make cupcakes

How to make cupcakes? Taste of home!!!

You can say that a cupcake is, really, very small sized cake. It is a soft, delicate and yummy snack or dessert that is highly favored by both kids and adults. Let’s face it: no one will ever get tired of these small delicacies. With hundreds of variations of cupcake recipes, you will not get […]

how to set dinner table

How to set dinner table? Heartfelt gestures for special occasions!!!

Are you planning a fancy dinner party for your friends who are coming home from abroad? Then you must have to know How to set dinner table perfectly. Choosing the right utensils and positioning them in the most attractive manner may not be necessary but certainly add a unique ambiance to the dining area. Just […]

how to freeze dry food

How to freeze dry food? Preserve Food – It Preserves Life!!!

‘Food,’ is probably only four letters word that ‘whet’s our appetite’ like no other. Our food, in fact, is no longer our basic need, but it has become our style statement, there are more ‘food’ channels in the world today, than ever before, and being a ‘foodie’ is an accolade for food lovers. Apart from […]

How to make fried rice

How to make fried rice from last night leftovers? Make Taste, Not Waste!!!

Well, my mom always taught me never to waste food and to this way, I always try to utilize leftover food by making different recipes from it. So, today I am here with a creative and delicious recipe of how to make fried rice from last night leftovers. DON’T throw your leftover rice and other […]

how to make jello shots

Learn ‘How to make Jello shots’ and amaze your guests with this special treat!!!

Whether you are hosting Girl’s night out party or any casual get together, you will certainly need any party punch to rock the party right??? One of the most creative ways to serve drink at a party is to make ‘Jello shots’—those tasty, colorful and fruity sweet cups of joy are the perfect drink for party. […]