How to find that you have dominating wife???

There are many married couple in this world, fewer had love, little have arranged and many have complicated too (wink), But you know what is a one thing that is common between them? Yes!!! The common is that most of them have a Dominating Wife!!!

Yes it is NOT comical term that I use here BUT it is a fact that no matter what kind of marriage you had YOU have to listen to your wife all day and night.

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Jokes apart… (Wink)  this time we have come up with a new editorial on 5 signs will prove that you have a dominating wife.

Well it is a fun editorial, let read it!!!

Dominating wife

Tips to identify Dominating wife


#5 Asking Permission

If you are asking permissions from your wife for every small thing like from going to the bathroom, which shirt you are wearing, to have a sex or NOT. Make sure that you have a dominating wife.

#4 Carrying Bags

If you are carrying all her bags from shopping to laundry, then congratulations my boy you have a dominating wife.

#3 Planners

Have you ever asked what should be cook for dinner, which place you both should visit this holiday, which colour you should paint your house, NO!!! Your wife decides this, then congrats again you have a dominating wife.

#2 Helping

Well helping your wife in the household matter is good, we all agree on this. BUT from giving dust bins to the sweeper, buying milk from the market, making bed tea or ironing the clothes as your FOREMOST task is NOT helping!!! Wake up! You have a dominating wife

#1 Sunday

It is always felt that husband must cook someday for their wife. It makes them feel special. BUT making each Sunday as a cooking chef from breakfast to dinner surely make you wife DOMINATING.


Well I hope you all love my editorial and it will help you to understand your married life. I would like to hear your opinions and experiences.

Waiting for your comments 🙂

Happy Reading!!!

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