How food poisoning occurs??? Causes and facts!


Food poisoning occurs when you ate impure or contaminated food that contains bacteria, parasites, toxins, viruses made by the germs. Most common bacteria of food poisoning are E.coli and norovirus.

Food poisoning can affect one people or group of people who ate that same contaminated food. It is more commonly occur while you’re travelling to long distance, on holiday, during picnics, after eating restaurant food, school or college cafeteria or any kind of unhygienic place. So, here in this post I am going to discover about the causes and some important facts of food poisoning.

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Causes of food poisoning:

  1. One of the big sources of food poisoning is impure water. Water that is used during growing and shipping process contains fertilizer or human waste cause’s food poisoning.
  2. Unhygienic handling of food at restaurants, grocery stores or at home.
  3. Meat and poultry can easily come into contact with bacteria.
  4. Major source of food poisoning is come from eating and drinking.
  5. Food which is prepared by someone who does not use proper hand cleaning methods.
  6. Any food cooking utensils such as chopping board, knives and other cooking tools that are not properly cleaned.
  7. Dairy products those are not refrigerates for longer duration can cause growth of bacteria.
  8. Eating uncooked or partially cooked food.
  9. Eating of raw fish, uncooked meat or poultry, raw fruits juices or dairy products can cause food poisoning.
  10. Raw fruits and vegetables that have not been washed thoroughly.
  11. Water from natural sources such as river or well which is not process can contain harmful bacteria.

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Important Facts you need to know

  1. Research shows that one of six people becomes sick after eating contaminated or impure food.
  2. Billions of people every year catching illness caused by food poisoning results. It is one the major reasons of deaths.
  3. Worldwide food poisoning illnesses are among the leading causes of deaths.
  4. Norovirus and salmonella are the most common infectious forms of food poisoning. Most of the food poisoning deaths causes by salmonella followed by texoplasma and Listeria.
  5. It is big threat that terrorists may use food toxins as a weapon.

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