How to handle a breakup with boyfriend? Awesome tricks to help you get out!!!

The more you veteran cheerfulness being in any relation more you feel wretched and depressed on break up! Well, breaking up is most sad thing that ever happens to any life. When someone dies, it surely is painful but that pain sooth after few months. But when your love leaves you for life time, and you can see him, you can see how you get gone in life or see him enjoying his life without you is worse than that!

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How to handle a breakup

Keeping this topic in mind, I have come up with some awesome tricks you can do after a breakup to have reinforcement and reprieve.

Take a Look…

How to handle a breakup

#1 Burn off his picture

 After a breakup the first and foremost thing that you must have to do is to delete his photos from your laptop, cell phones and even if you have hard copy then burn that off!

#2 No sad songs

 It is very usual thing that when any girl experience break up, they have a special play list of sad song that not only make them worst but also force them to beg there Ex for coming back to them. That makes them STUPID.

#3 Plan out get together with friends

Friends are always a great answer when you wondering how to handle a breakup with your boyfriend. Go out with friends and have a party until you forget this pain.

#4 Think about the bad habits

YES!!! You heard me right. Just make a list how he made your life hell. I am sure you will get hundreds of pointers. The more you concentrate on his bad parts; it will be easy to forget him.

#5 write a letter to yourself

The best ever solution for how to handle a breakup–just open a dairy and write whatever you feel about your break up. The more you express, the more you get out of the pain. It is less embarrassing as it is express to own self.


Well, I hope my write up will help you to get out of pain.

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Post Author: Anagha