How to impress a girl? Apply these fabulous ideas!!!

Someone has rightly said that first impression is the last impression. So, today I am here to solve a hitch that every boy must face at least ones in his life which is ‘how to impress a girl’. They always have a crush but lose the opportunity and get failed to impress them. But no more REJECTIONS from now—in next 10 minutes you will own the secret of ‘How to Impress a Girl’.


Well boys, you all must understand that impressing girls never start with saying I LOVE YOU! It actually has many steps involve in it. Here are some magical tricks that will help you to amaze your girl.

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Take a look….

Behave Maturely:

Though, it’s a fact that girls always loved to be pampered it not intending that they want an immature guy with them. So, the first and foremost rule of how to impress a girl is to be act like a mature guy.

Be Transparent:

Transparency is the major asset of any successful relationship.  So, if you really want her to love you be transparent with her ALWAYS.

Support Her:

Girls always love to be with that guy who can stand by her side to support her. Encourage her about her carrier or any other decisions and try to be an inspiration for her.

Be a Good Listener:

I know it’s quite difficult to follow 😉 but trust me boys it works GREAT. So, try to be a good listener so that she will feel IMPORTANT.

Be Firm:

Yes, girls never get impressed with confuse kind of buys. Instead of that they like to be with firm thinkers. So, improve you decision making ability and be focused in your life.

Respect Her:

Well, you need to understand that only loving her is not enough if you can’t respect her. So, always respect her and show her that she is the most important part of your life.

Well, I hope that now you got the answer for how to impress a girl.

Try it and let me know how it works 🙂

Happy Reading!!!

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Post Author: Anagha