How to make a Blog??? Step by step guide for blog development

how to make a blog

Are you thinking to promote your business or you just wanted to express yourself on any subject you love?? Free Blog development can be the best route for you.

Making a blog is a simple yet low risk method to share your thoughts and make some money online with the help of blog. You won’t believe but it takes only few minutes to build a blog. So, here is my short guide for beginners to assist in how to make a blog successfully.

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How to Make a Blog

There are some basic steps we need to follow while making a blog.

Blog theme:

First and basic thing you have to do is to understand what kind of information or articles you want to display on your blog. Select blog theme that can relate with your targeted audience.

Blog publishing tool:

There are number of blog publishing tools available online but Blogger and WordPress are most recommendable from them.  You can choose any of them however wordpress provide more convenience to design a blog. Pick the best one and make your account in it.

Blog template:

After choosing tool you need to select blog template for your blog. WordPress and blogger both provide free templates for blog development. You can customize the template as per your requirement.

Blog domain:

Blog domain is an identity or address of your blog. WordPress and blogger provide free domain and hosting but you can also purchase customize domain and hosting to get more benefit from your blog.

Submit content:

After you done with the blog setup it’s time to publish quality content on regular basis. Make sure that you submit unique content with required stats and images.

Blog Promotion:

You can promote your blog on your personal social media accounts or business accounts. Add social media buttons to your blog so that your readers can click these buttons and easily share your post.

Now I hope you got how to make blog and run it successfully. Try it and share your experience with me.

Happy Reading 🙂

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