How to make chocolate art at home???

how to make chocolate art

If you love to eat chocolate and various things made by chocolate and if you are artist then here is the great news for you. The news is by combining above two things you can make some unique and antique art pieces which will call as ‘chocolate art’. Well, if you are wondering that how to make chocolate art at home then let me tell you that, making chocolate art is not that much difficult and anyone with some honest efforts can do it at home.

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How to make chocolate art

The procedure of making chocolate art is a bit tricky, as it need some serenity and accuracy as well as some truly fine timing. Chocolate art can smart up a bash; attach glitz to the celebration, smash gorge guests or for just an enjoyment for you and your loved ones. You can create chocolate art with some steps and a bunch of chocolate.

Main Process:

First step is to select a chocolate. If you take regular candy bars and try to melt them then it’s become very expensive and also not works well on art. If you don’t want to apply the full candy bar in your chocolate art then you can simply go with silky baking chocolate or bulk chunks (I consider bulk chunks).

After that it’s time to decide the color. You can go with full dark chocolate or make combination of white and dark chocolate anything you like. After choosing the color the next thing you need to do is chocolate melting. Melt the chocolate until it becomes smooth and silky.  Decide the layering and mold it as per your need and then freeze it for hours. You can melt more chocolate to give glue to your art. Put all the freezes chocolate art pieces and arranged them as you want and apply melt chocolate with small brush. With following all these things carefully you will get your chocolate art ready.

So, this is my remedy for how to make chocolate art at home. Try it and do tell me your experience.

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