How to make DATING successful??? Basic rules you must follow!

They say you are knitted with certain relationships the time you are born leaving space for the very few that one has the agency to choose. This no doubt is something the human mind learns over a period of time about what essentially is in a person that binds us to them. It is a moment of complete bliss when the person whom you desire to be with is the one that you are actually DATING.


The success however of any relationship is premised upon the effort that is put into the effective carving of it. Nevertheless little steps if taken from the beginning can help you get rid of that preposterous and traumatic end.

Take a Look…

Rules for successful Dating


The seed of a happy dating must always be germinated in the garden of Communication. Factually also those couples who have been known to communicate more are the ones whose relationships have survived longer.

‘As you like it’

Individual egos are those thieves which must always be kept away from your dating abode. Time and again it is important to let the other person believe that is they who are the most important threads in the fabric of the relationship. The ‘As you like it’ does exactly as said. Sometimes picking up on a place or an activity that your partner desires can work miracles for your relationship.

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Little things that you do surprisingly are the ones that your partner remembers the most. Accidently dropping at their home sometimes, picking up flowers on some random day when you two are meeting or even  a small poem composed in their names are reasons enough for them to be flabbergasted and intrigued.

‘Know the relationship’

It is mandatory for any relationship to know in which direction it is going. The rule is conventional yet very helpful. Until and unless we realize what is that we want from a relationship taking it further only augments problems. The dating procedure should be foolproof and must have in light what is that it is striving for

These are tiny clues to help your relationship and dating not end on an abrupt note. So what is the waiting for? Just nail it.

Happy Dating 🙂

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