Ever wondered How to make French toast at home??? Enjoy this yummy treat!!!

Ah, I am going to make you super happy today. 😀

Don’t you know how???

Well, I am going to share one of the ‘Happy foods’ recipe with you that is, how to make French toast.  Seriously French toast is that kind of food which bring smile on everyone’s face.

However, it’s a fact that we all tried French toast at least ones at our home and end up with soggy, overcooked toast and a big mess in the kitchen. Am I right or wrong?? Tell me a truth. But let me tell you that making golden brown, crispy and truly yummy French toast isn’t that much difficult and I am here only to tell you how to make French toast at home with 100% positive results.

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how to make french toast

How to make French Toast at Home easily

First, let’s gather ingredients for this recipe. So, what we need is around 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 2 tablespoon sugar, ¼ tablespoon ground nutmeg,  around 4 tablespoon butter, ½ tablespoon vanilla extract,1/4 cup milk,1/2 maple syrup, 4 eggs and of course our main ingredient bread slices. You can use challah, brioche or white bread for this recipe.

Now let’s start the work, take a small bowl and add nutmeg, sugar and cinnamon, mix it well and put aside briefly. Then take 10-inch skillet and melt butter over medium fire. Now add eggs, vanilla and milk in cinnamon mixture, combine all ingredients well and pour the batter into a pie plate (I like to use 8×8 square cake pan to fit four slices at a time). Now dip bread slice in this batter and fry it on pan(or you can cook it on oven, preheat an oven before place your first batch) until they get golden brown color on low heat then flip it to cook another side (to avoid mess set your pan/oven nearby with your socking plate). Your dish is ready; Serve it with kiss of warm maple syrup.

That’s it. You got the yummy gift of how to make French toast at home.

Try it and share your experience with me.

Happy Reading 🙂

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