How to make ice-cream at home without ice-cream maker

No matter wherever you are in the world, there is nothing better than a frosty scoop of ice cream to capture the sweetness of sunny afternoon.


So, Today I am going to share a yummy recipe of how to make ice-cream at home.

how to make ice-cream

I know what you are thinking now. Ice-cream making is not easy! It takes too much time! I don’t have ice-cream maker and blah blah blah… look, I don’t blame you-but 90% of people think like this.

But as I said before, you are at my blog and I am going to tell you a very easy recipe of how to make ice-cream at home without using ice-cream maker.

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Let’s get find out how to make ice-cream at home

Things you need:

So, what you need to make handmade ice-cream is around 400gm condensed milk, 6 large eggs, 3/4 cup of sugar, 2 cups heavy cream and ½ tsp vanilla extract or you can use scraped seeds from one whole vanilla pod.

Secret note:

Before start the recipe I want to share some secret tips with you. See if you love rich and creamy ice-cream then simply use high ratio cream and milk, add egg yolk to make it egger or add sugar if you wana make it sweeter. If you consider light ice-cream then do exactly opposite of it. Here I included plenty of rich but not so overwhelming and medium sweet to carry any ratios of ingredients.

Main process:

To start with, separate egg yolks in a bowl add sugar (if you want chocolate add cocoa powder) and whisk it until completely combined. Now add other dairy ingredients and beat to get smooth mixture. Now cook this batter on medium flyer until it forms custard. Add flavorings in it. Now strain the batter into a container and put it in fridge until cold (preferably overnight). Churn your ice-cream and ripen it in freezer to get harden and ready to serve.

That’s it.

This genius ice cream is a cool answer for ‘how make ice-cream’. So try it, eat it and do let me know your experience about it.

Happy reading 🙂

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