Learn ‘How to make Jello shots’ and amaze your guests with this special treat!!!

Whether you are hosting Girl’s night out party or any casual get together, you will certainly need any party punch to rock the party right??? One of the most creative ways to serve drink at a party is to make ‘Jello shots’—those tasty, colorful and fruity sweet cups of joy are the perfect drink for party. This is why I am here with this ultimate guide of how to make jello shots with some my special bonus ideas 😉 for making more creative jello shots.


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How to make jello shots

The process of making jello shots is awfully simple as it’s not that much different from making regular jello. So, you really cannot go wrong while making these jiggly little shots.

how to make jello shots

What we need:

To prepare this drink we need 1 box of jello powder (you can use jello gelatin also but here I am using the powder), I cup of cold alcohol (we need ice-cold alcohol, vodka or rum works best), cup of boiling water.

Main procedure:

To start with take a big bowl and empty jello pouch into it. Now add cup of boiling water and blend it until the powder get completely dissolved. Now add you ice-cold alcohol into the mixture and stir again. Your jello shot mix is ready now. Pour it into the containers (you can use plastic cups for this) on which you want to serve this drink and let them freeze for couple of hours.

That’s it. You own the secret of how to make jello shots at home. Now it’s time to share my secret ideas to make these shots tastier.

My secret tips:

Always use ice-cold alcohol for shots for good results; I keep the bottle of alcohol in freezer for several days. You can pair alcohols with different jello flavors like vodka with cherry, dark rum with tropical and one of my favorite is gin with lime it lends wonderfully with lime.

So, I tried my best to guide you on how to make jello shots but remember that large amount of alcohol drank in a short amount of time can be bad for you. Therefore, please use it carefully and responsibly.

Happy reading and Have a great parties 🙂

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