How to make pancakes in less than 10 min???

Yes, you read that correctly! Healthy snacks don’t need to be always boring and time-consuming. Today, I am here to solve your all-time favorite question how to make pancakes in a less time. So, Whip up these nutrient-rich tasty pancakes in 10 minutes or less.

How to make pancakes easily – Home made pancakes

So, let’s start with my favorite Egg and milk pancake. This one is great option for your breakfast as you need to follow few simple steps: Put two eggs, milk, flour and pinch of salt into a bowl and then whisk to make plane batter. Set frying pan on medium heat and carefully spread some of batter with some oil. Cook it for one min each side. Repeat the same with remaining batter. That’s it. Your pancakes are ready. They test wonderful when serve with sugar or lemon wedges. These delicious thin pancakes are perfect solution for how to make pancakes in short time.

how to make pancakes easily at home step by step

That’s not enough, I have another yummier pancake recipe for you that is, Banana pancake.  Put banana slice and egg white into a bowl and mix two ingredients well to make smooth consistency. Set your frying pan to medium heat and add some olive oil into it. Spoon some of the batter into pan and cook it about one min per side. Another delicate answer for how to make pancakes– they’re delicious sweet but refined pleasing adults or kids alike.

Okay, let’s try one more easy and fluffy pancake recipe that is, American pancake. Put self-rising flour, 2 tsp. backing powder and pinch of salt in one bowl then take another bowl, combine the egg and milk and whisk to make fine batter. Now add the dry mix into this and stir until get combine. Heat the pan on medium fire and add little flora cuisine and spread the batter into it. Cook well around 2 min each side. Uhhh this yummy treat is really a great solution for how to make pancake in 10 minutes.

So, now you have three delicious and easy breakfast recipes that I sure will make your day. Making pancakes is the most liked due to its easiness and delicious taste.

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