How to make pizza without oven??? Secret Revealed!!!

Yeee, it’s rainy here today and I am going to make delicious pizza at my home without oven.  Isn’t it cool???

But hey- no need to disappoint.

Because you are at my blog and I don’t like to keep any secrets. So, let’s have a look how to make pizza without oven 🙂

How to make pizza at home easily

See there are two types of pizza lovers in this world. Some people like there pizza to come in the form of a delivery boy while others feel compelled to do the whole process by their own. But what if we don’t have oven or no electricity is there at that time then how to make pizza at home? Answer is here, it is absolutely possible make pizza on pan with total ease.

How to make pizza at home?

Well, here I am considering that you already aware of basic pizza dough recipe so I am going start with the step where we need to cook the pizza base.  So here we go:

Take a non-stick pan and preheat for 1 min then grease it with some oil and place pizza base inside it. Cook it for around two min. until the down side gets golden brown. Then flip it upside down and decrease the flame to minimum. Now it’s time to garnish your pizza with toping. Here, I am using capsicum and baby corn for toping however you can use anything whatever you like and desire such as onion, tofu or paneer. So, in a first layer place a pizza sauce (I prefer tomato sauce) and then place small pieces of capsicum and baby corn on the pizza base. Then sprinkle mozzarella cheese on the top and cover the pizza and cooked it for 5 min so cheese gets melted and down side get little brown. But please make sure that you have to check it after every 2 minutes.

That’s it.

You got the exclusive secrete of how to make pizza without oven and it has 100% result. The delicious and yummy pizza is ready. Sprinkle some herbs and enjoy your pizza.

Try it and let me know your feel 🙂

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