How to do Yoga??? Benefits of Shavasana to human body!!!

how to do yoga

Yoga is an amazing study of spiritual science for the self development of the mind and to have a healthy body. Yoga’s integrative approach brings a deep harmony and gives an unshakable balance to the body and mind.

If you ever wonder that how to do Yoga then let me tell you that, Yoga can be practiced in various methods ranging from physical postures to practice of breathing techniques as well as meditation which are based on the philosophy of consciousness accompanied with the natural way of life.

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Benefits of yoga and shavasana:

Human beings have a tendency to have collective emotions like anger, ego, bitterness, grudges and expectations, and yoga brings that awareness with which we can unite with the divine and live a stress free life.

The human brain is the most vital organ of the body and has electrical impulses called alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves. These are responsible for all our actions and activities in our day to day life. During the sleep the body undergoes repair ,renewal and restoration, but due to the hectic stressed and fast life we lead, some of us are not able to sleep, and relax, resulting in physical and mental ailments. To overcome this condition one must practise- Shavasana-a yogic technique to relax and refreshes your body.

How to do Yoga shavasana?

Shavasana consists of three parts- silence, stillness, and solitude.

Lying down in silence is the first step. It relaxes your muscles, which in turn helps your brain waves to slow down and feel calm, and your breathing becomes less rapid.

After the silence stage, the brain reaches the alpha state through visualisations. The pituitary gland is activated and it secretes higher level of cortical and helps to build and strengthen the body immune system for fighting infections and many other diseases and allergies.

Practising the posture of Shavasana is a sure shot remedy for many disorders, diseases and ailments and ensures that you are distressed and relaxed and are saved from dreaded cardiovascular and ulcer diseases and can lead a healthy life.

This is how to do Yoga and shavasana to reduce stress from life. Try it and let me know how it works on you.

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