How to fall in love with a girl??? 5 love definitions you must know before you become a Romeo!

fall in love

Well, love is a factual and most beautiful feeling to be experienced in life. It MUST happen once in life and last long till our last breathe. BUT in today’s time, changing the partners are trending. We meet people, we share our numbers, we propose, we say YES and we meet, we then fight and in the end we ENDED.

So, this time keeping this thing in my mind I have come up with 5 love definitions you must know before you become a Romeo that will help how to fall in love and have more long lasting love relationship and less breakups.

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How to fall in love with a girl?

#5 sugars

You know guys girl feel the love through their EARS!  The more you please them, the more you call them with lovely names and the more you use sweet talks with them, they will fall in love with you even more.

#4 No tears

If you can BAN tears on your girl eyes and make her smile all the time then be sure that your girl will never leave you.

#3 Love is be FELT

Love is feeling that is just to be felt. It never make NO sense how many love you messages you send to each other or how much money you spend on each other shopping, If you fall in love with her and make her feel that with your gestures.

#2 No matter what

Well it is very common that couple keep their sugar talk on when the partner is obeying as per there wants and will and if they didn’t, they tend to lose temper and make the relationship more DIRTY. The point is that when your girl done something bad, you have to show more love and care to tell her that she is never be judged.

#1 passions

No matter what how bad the weather is or how bad the day went by, the moment you see your girl, just get your passion spark on and show her how crazy you are for her.

I hope many of my readers are benefited with this editorial.

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Happy loving!!! Happy Reading!!!

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