How to make fried rice from last night leftovers? Make Taste, Not Waste!!!

Well, my mom always taught me never to waste food and to this way, I always try to utilize leftover food by making different recipes from it. So, today I am here with a creative and delicious recipe of how to make fried rice from last night leftovers.

DON’T throw your leftover rice and other things instead let all leftovers come together gorgeously in a yummy bowl of fried rice.

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How to make fried rice

How to make fried rice

To start with, let me clear one thing that there are endless ways to make this rice — you don’t really need to stick with the exact ingredients and quantity to whip this up. Just 2/3 cups of leftover rice, bunch of available veggies and two eggs (if available) will make your rice done.

Main procedure:

Take large non-stick skillet and put it over a high heat. Add one tablespoon oil and wait until it gets slightly browned. Now add chopped onions into the pan, sprinkle some salt and pepper, add some garlic and ginger and cook for 2 minutes till onion get transparent.  Now add leftover frozen vegetables and let them cook for some time to make the unfroze but don’t overcook they still need to be crisp.

Transfer the mixture into another large bowl and again heat the skillet on medium flame. Add 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 eggs and spike with salt and pepper. Cook till you get the moist batter and transfer this mixture into another bowl. Again heat the pan and add two tablespoon oil, now add our main ingredient that is leftover rice into it and break rice clumps with spoon. Season the pepper and salt and stir the rice until it evenly coated with oil. Stoop stirring and cook it until it gets slightly crisped. Stir rice again to break any new clumps and transfer it into the large bowl, add vegetables and egg mixture and blend all ingredients together.That’s it. Yummy and delicious fried rice is ready to serve.

Now you got the secret of how to make fried rice from leftovers. Try it and do let me know your experience.

Happy Reading 🙂

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