How to use Ginger??? 10 excellent benefits of ginger!!!

According to Ayurvedic texts, ginger is a virtual medicine chest. It has immense uses and medicinal properties. Indians use it liberally in almost all kinds of dishes. So, today I have come up with following to get an idea of what this wonderful ingredient does and how to use ginger for health benefits.

how to use ginger

How to Use Ginger

There are 3 ways of using ginger :

1) Ginger and herb rice

Take some basmati rice and cook it. Quickly stir in finely chopped garlic, green chilies, fresh cilantro leaves and ginger while taking off the lid. Your senses will get crazy with desire on getting the fragrance and flavor.

2) Ginger in your juice

Grate ginger and put in your juicer. Add some apples and a bit of lemon juice. It is absolutely tasty and good for your health.

3) Gingery dessert

Ah this one is my favorite and its tests awesome :-P. Add some ginger to your vanilla panna cotta or strawberry sorbet. It will wake up the flavor and leave you feeling good.

Benefits of Using Ginger

  • Having fresh ginger just before lunch helps you gain appetite by firing up the digestive juices.
  • Absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients is improved by ginger.
  • The ‘micro-circulatory channels’ of the body are cleared by ginger. This includes the sinuses too, which tend to fare up occasionally.
  • Chewing on ginger dipped in a little honey helps in overcoming airsickness or nausea.
  • Ginger is very effective in reducing flatulence. So all those with gas problem, chew on a piece of ginger.
  • Ginger is very good in providing relief from tummy cramps and tummy moaning.
  • Those with joint pains have a source of relief here. Put some ginger essential oil in your bath. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in treating aching joints and muscles.
  • Feeling nauseous after a surgery? Chew some ginger. It helps overcome these problems.
  • To treat nose and throat congestion, have some ginger tea. The warmth of this tea benefits you when there’s a nip in the air too.
  • Add ginger to a bowl of soup. According to Ayurvedic texts, ginger has got aphrodisiac properties and it helps treat bedroom blues.

Well, these are my ways for how to use ginger to utilize its benefits. But I would love to hear what are your ways to eat fresh ginger. Do comment your tips about ginger.

Happy Reading 🙂

Post Author: Anagha