How to write articles quickly??? Tips to create quality articles in short time!

how to write articles

Your art of writing predominantly depends upon what you read, how much you read, how keenly you observe and how far you remember. It is important to read your favorite authors, newspapers, children’s books and also jokes. Observe the different genres of writing. If you are wondering how to write articles then key solution is to ‘read more than you write’.

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How to write articles quickly?


A list of your ideas help you choose the topic according to the need or the occasion. Whenever you get an idea make a note of it. You are giving energy to the topics and inspiration to yourself by doing so. Be careful not to be an Archimedes. Absent minded scientists are accepted, not writers.


Blogs are beautiful platforms for creative presentation. Post your ideas if you are confident enough. Or start off with comments in others’ posts. Observe movies, plays, advertisements, skits, and lectures……make use of every opportunity to learn how to write articles.


Have a fair knowledge of the topic you are going to write. Your personal opinions are worth writing only when you know the topic fairly well. Collect information from all possible sources. This gives you clarity on how to write article and put the topic on paper.


Make the best of now. Do not save and postpone topics for future. Write now. It need not be perfect but writing now builds up experience and spontaneity for the future articles. Pen your ideas now. You can improve or make changes later. Project your real self and don’t struggle for perfection. It’s alright even when you are less perfect and make mistakes.


Catchy headlines and titles of stories and articles draw readers to the topics. That is why news agencies and organizations announce prizes, cash awards and special gifts to the best titles. You may start with the title or decide about it while writing or after finishing the topic. But make sure to use the keyword in the title.

Ready with a pen???

Happy Writing 🙂

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